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 We are pleased to present our new Salem Creek Coffee.  Roasted locally, we feature both traditional and flavored gourmet coffee.  We  grind the coffee beans while you wait so you can have freshly ground coffee, or you can buy the beans to grind at home.  

Ask us how to use our coffee with your K-Cup coffee maker.

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Salem Creek Gourmet Coffees


  1. Colombian Supremo. The highest-grade coffee available from South America, fast becoming a favorite of America
  2. Costa Rican. Hardy bean from Costa Rica known for its full body and richness.  This bean contains a good balance of acidity, body, and character with a hint of spice and some nutty overtones.
  3. French Roast. Dark, full-bodied roast
  4. Amaretto (also available in decaf). Smooth, almond flavor with light, nutty background
  5. Jazzy Java. Caribbean blend of spices with almond undertones
  6. Blueberry Creme. Sweet and creamy taste of blueberry (Seasonal)
  7. Chocolate Turtle Dove. Dark chocolate mixed with caramel and pecans
  8. Hazelnut Crème. Rich toasted hazelnuts
  9. Jamaican Me Crazy. An island blend of caramel, vanilla, and delectable mocha coffee
  10. Moravian Blend (also available in decaf).Toasted hazelnut lavished with cinnamon
  11. Pride of the Carolinas. A caramel cream with a touch of Carolina country fruit
  12. Pumpkin Spice (also available in decaf). A hint of pumpkin with nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice
  13. House Blend (also available in decaf). A Mexican medium blend organic coffee with a smooth taste and slight chocolate overtones plus Java Cayman
  14. Snicker Doodle. Cinnamon, chocolate, and hazelnut blended to perfection
  15. Fireside Delight. A cinnamon graham cracker with a touch of vanilla
  16. Nutcracker Sweet. A blend of vanilla, hazelnut,and chestnut with a warm cinnamon background (Seasonal)
  17. Angel Kisses. Coconut & milk chocolate blend with a touch of hazelnut
  18. Moonstruck Cherries (also available in decaf). Chocolate-covered cherries in a cup
  19. Bananas Foster. Reminiscent of the popular New Orleans dessert with a smooth & creamy flavor