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Since 1991, Wind & Willow is a successful family owned business.  Salem Creek carries the complete line of these easy-to-prepare and delicious products.  Let the Salem Creek Gourmet Shoppe help you plan your next party using Wind & Willow dips, cheeseballs, brownies & more.




Savory Cheeseball Mixes

These mixes are best sellers for good reason. Cream cheese and butter can be added to make a delicious cheeseball appetizer.  Also look for yummy alternate recipes and serving suggestions for every product. 

Each mix is it's own little recipe box of ideas.



Sweet Cheeseball Mixes

Make a sweet cheeseball or a quick cheesecake with any mix.  Some of our favorites are the alternate recipes for every product like Dessert Pizza, Easy Danish, or Peanut Butter Brulee.


Hot Dip Mixes

Combine mix with cream cheese and sour cream and heat.  These dips are so easy and delicious, they may become your go-to snack when friends come over.



Dip Mixes

Add mayo and sour cream and you've got a party.  Yum!



Soup Mixes

Just add water for soups so rich and creamy you won't believe it. Throw in extras like bacon bits, cheese, or chicken to make these your own special creation.  Can your signature dish come from a mix?  You bet!


Spiced Cider Mixes

Nothing says fall is here like the scent of Hot Spiced Cider wafting from the kitchen.  Simply add apple juice or cider and heat.  And the Caramel Apple Cider topped with whipped cream and caramel . . . genius.  A Wind & Willow best seller.



Salsa Mixes

Easiest salsa ever!  Just add canned tomatoes to the original salsa or better yet, your own fresh tomatoes from the garden for a one-of-a-kind salsa that's sure to impress.  No one has to know how easy it was! 



Table for 2

Perfectly portioned for two people, these main dish and dessert mixes make cooking easy. Pictured is the Mushroom Parmesan Pasta Kit. Gluten Free without sacrificing the taste.